[Text: Vermaledeyt]


This is SaltaNeo and you should be curious,
‚Cause we’re doing what we want, intentions are mysterious.
Don’t live like a friar, tomorrow we may dance on air.
Music takes us higher, come with us we’ll take you there.

Music on another level
Medieval music revel
Seven people, one desire
Come with us we’ll take you higher

SaltaNeo is the name of the game,
The whole freaky world is going insane.
We are here to dance and we’re not here in vain.
It is not yourself you have to blame.
So let the music take you higher,
No more sorrows, no desire.
Come with us and join the freight,
When I say „hey“ you say …

Can you hear my heart-beat bouncing louder than the drums?
Can you see my fire burning brighter than the sun?
The spirit rushes through your veins and your reason is on strike
Throw away all your chains, so we can make you feel like …

This is SaltaNeo.
Join the party here we go.
Till the morning we will stay.
When I say „hey“ you say …

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